Norwegian Banks

Links to commercial Norwegian banks

Norway is considered the richest country in northen Europe, which one can attribute to the rich oil resources and good fishing waters. But Norway is more than just natural resources, it is a very orderly country with a well developed banking system.

Below you will find a list consisting of Norwegian banks. Our list include Commercial Banks, Savings Banks, Investment, Members-banking and other banking companies.

Bank Webiste Tele Email 02929 21 51 93 00 55 96 10 00 +47 4800
Bank 1 Oslo
BN Bank
Fokus Bank
Landkreditt Bank
Netfonds Bank AS +47 23 15 86 00
Pareto Bank +47 24028100
Storebrand Bank
Verdibanken ASA
Vekselbanken +47 56523500